Charcoal Bamboo

Charcoal bamboo nappies feature a very soft, grey bamboo fleece inner lining, in place of the white StayDry, microsuede layer found in regular pockets. The inner lining forms the "pocket" of the nappy. The outer layer is identical to the regular pocket nappy.
Whilst it's not completely "stay-dry", the fleece tends to repel moisture and feels significantly dryer than regular bamboo terry (the fabric used to make bamboo inserts). The grey colour is due to charcoal nano-particles that are said to reduce odours and have antibacterial properties.

Being dark, charcoal bamboo nappies and inserts dry quickly, and mask stains.

     The bamboo fleece lining helps baby feel dry & securely holds the inserts in place. 
     The One-Size–Fits-Most design fits from ± 4½Kg through to about 16Kg.
     These nappies include 1 charcoal bamboo blend insert by default.
     You can choose which (if any) second insert you would like to take with the nappy. 
     Our agreements with the worlds largest factories guarantees your peace-of-mind.
     If the label doesn't say "Biddykins" ... it's not BiddyKins quality!

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We do not currently have any charcoal bamboo nappies in stock.